Prof. Joe Piasek


Professor Piasek wears many hats.
This one kept him dry in Seattle.

Joe at the White Board

A New York City graffiti artist sullied
the A Train after listening to
WPIX-FM in 1980.


Bob Grant, Alex Bennett, Steve Dahl &
Prof. Piasek a/k/a "Joe from Chicago"
in Howard Stern: King of All Media by Colford.

"There is a 'Joe'" campaign on the New TNN

Joe from Chicago as Nickelodeon's animated "pronouncer."

Joe from Chicago was the host of Nickelodeon?s Nick Rocks

Joe as Up & Adam, Nickelodeon's morning anchors. written & hosted by Joe from Chicago.

Some of Joe?s writings appear in The Encyclopedia of Radio, The Dictionary of American Radio, Nickelodeon as a Learning Organization; Paul Colford?s book on Howard Stern talks about Joe?s stint working with ?Howeird? before he mushroomed.